What is your purpose in life? (Day 21 in 30-Day Writing Challenge)

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever spent some time to really think about it?
If yes, I hope you can find your own answer.
For me, I had asked myself this question thousands of times. The voice inside my head keeps screaming this question whenever it can: when I do… nothing, when I have to do things I don’t want to, when I do things I enjoy, when I waste my time hanging out with people I don’t really like.
I don’t know if you have the same experience. But I’m almost obsessed with it, with doing meaningful things that serve my purpose in life.
Since I started thinking about it, I stop hanging out and wasting my time in coffee shops, online shopping, consuming trash data in social media. I even only hang out with a few friends who I really love and care about and give shits about the rest.
And it feels strange. It feels like you have totally control over your life. You decide what will and will not get involved in your life.
There is a famous quote from The Alchemist:
But recently, I realized that the Universe is actually… me. In other words, I’m the one who changes the universe and makes it work in the way I want. And so do you.
Here is why I think that way: 
When you pursue a goal in life, you will do everything you could to achieve it.
And every single thing you do, in the butterfly effect, will influence your circumstance, your environment, your relationship, almost the rest of the universe.
That’s why when you align your life components with one purpose, you then may feel like the whole universe is supporting you. But actually, it’s you who do that.
You may not see or feel it because initial moves may be too small, but over time, if you are consistent enough with your purpose, the effect will get bigger and bigger. Till one day, when all your arrangements are set in place and everything is connected, you will get what you want.
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