76. I have a collection of miniature dolls from my childhood.
77. He is commissioned to draw a picture of the King and Queen.
78. Economic stagnation is a manifestation of failure in the management of the government.
79. During my whole life, I cast about who I am.
80. To achieve the Gold medal now, he experienced many rigorous pieces of training. / The rigorous climate in the middle part of Vietnam trained the citizens' resistant personalities.
81. Among many important parts, the first part is subsidiary so you can talk about it briefly.
82. Vietnamese people are largely hard-working people.
83. I repudiated admission from a prestigious university because my financial background is not good enough for me to follow it.
84. The stem cells can propagate into many cells later to treat some diseases.
85. My face has many tiny pores but I still love it as I love myself./ He tried to pore over my solution to find out the tiny mistakes.
86. The high and low peaks are alternated in the wavelength graph.
87. Vietnam experienced a devastating defeat from America because there are many losses during the Vietnam war.
88. You should mingle with the mentor who is researching your interested topic.
89. Every scene in this love novel is just a trick. It can make some girls imagine unreal things.
90. Contention in the class is necessary to lead to an amazing conclusion.
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