Ảnh sưu tầm.
Suddenly I came across an interview of Ha Le on "Who's the millionaire?" gameshow, in which he answered host Quang Dang's question about "What is an ideal girlfriend to you?". "- The one with beautiful lips, postures" "... and most importantly, with compassion and intelligence, of knowing about "enough". A woman knowing how much is "enough" is surely a happy person." 
Talking about the word "happy", I dont think English have some words that can fully describe the meaning of "hạnh phúc", "happy" sounds a bit vague (or is it just because I was born naturally to be a Vietnamese lol?). So, when I type "happy", I mean "hạnh phúc".
Now back to Ha Le's answer on "enough". That hit me a lot.
I have never felt "enough", even once.
My family is not "modern" enough, as others'. They argue, they scream, they act spontanenously, they hit each other & they say ugly and hurtful words.
My parents are not compassionate enough, not support me enough, both financially and mentally, as my friends'. Never have I confided anything with my parents, for any advices. 
My studying is not smooth and supported enough, as my friends'. Every academic achievement I have got, comes from myself, with no help. 
My friends are not outstanding and ambitious enough. 
My performance at work is not "the best" enough. I should have digged deeper, worked longer hours, read more materials.
My xx-million-monthly saving is not enough. 
Only after Ha Le's answer that I start to wonder, "How much is enough?"
I still don't figure it out. 
But I know, that I have to figure it out. From now on. Maybe starting by stop camparing myself to others? - "gold but never old" lesson.
Coz knowing and feeling "enough", is the first step to feeling "hạnh phúc", maybe further to feeling "biết ơn".