Dear Trang future self, 
This is the letter from your past self in 2020. It is a very strange year. You are in your 30s now I assume reading this again. I hope the world is in a better shape by then. Both in terms of this Covid-19 pandemic and climate change. I hope you are living or at least still trying to lead an environmentally conscious life.
You know, sometimes I still want to skip ahead a few years to see with my own eyes the person I will become and the life I will lead in my 30s but life is a journey and sometimes it is hard to feel like I should enjoy every moment in this journey but I know I will and I am while writing this and I hope you still do. I hope you are less clueless now about important things in life: what you wanna do, how to love and be loved. Though I guess if you are still more or less having a drifter soul, it is okay too. I hope you keep doing whatever it is you strongly believe in. As long as you are a kind, passionate and loving human being. I hope you still keep very close contact with Thanh, Ly, Thao and Ryan. If not or it's been a while since the last time you saw them or talked to them, please give them a call no matter what happens. I know sometimes friendship falls apart and it's nobody's fault, it's just life but I also believe it is never too late to rekindle old connections. If you still keep them in your heart, you should try. Whatever happens next, you are strong enough to come to terms with it. What will be, will be. Life goes on. I hope you learn to become resilient.
I hope you remember to call mom and dad sometimes, update how you are doing wherever you are. It is possible you've been arguing with them lately, you feel like they will never understand who you are, that it is better to just live your life without much explanation or talking to them. I hope you still believe communication is key. Ready to be vulnerable in front of the people you love. Cry as much as you feel like it. Maybe they will never understand but they love you. Remember, behind all of the arguments and misunderstandings, they just want you to be happy. Maybe they just think you don't know how, they just think they are older and know better and just want to help you. Be patient. Look at old family photos sometimes. I know you love doing that. And you realise how much you love your parents every time you do that. At the moment I don't think I'll ever want to have kids but who knows, maybe you even have your own kid now and you finally are able to understand your parents. I hope you love your kid very much but still let him/her be his/her own person.
I hope you are still getting along and love Phuong Anh very much and supporting her own life decisions even if you don't agree with her sometimes. She's the best little sister in the world.
I hope you are still living your life by choosing curiosity over fear. I hope you are still leading a life without regrets. I hope when you are at your low looking back at past mistakes, you remember you did then what you knew how to do. Now that you know better, you do better.
I hope you can see the difference between a pain worth enduring and a pain not worth having when you are in a relationship of some sort with someone. I hope you know your worth. I hope you keep writing whether now you become a writer or not. I hope you keep sending handwritten postcards and letters to the people you love and tell them how much you love them. I hope you keep reading wonderful books and sharing your ideas to the world. I hope you will finally be able to speak either French or Spanish fluently (no pressure lol). I hope you still keep your child's soul and be able to be touched by the beauty of nature, of art, of simple acts of kindness. I hope you keep changing in the way that you are getting closer to yourself. I hope you will always keep your mind open. I hope you will never forget how to love yourself and be true to yourself. And you know, I will always love you.
 Your 25 year old self

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