So, its been a while now, and i still recall every moment from the time i spent with you. Its not like i am yet to get over you, i just couldnt move on. I seem to get stuck. I find myself would now and then think about the past, about you, about someone else, about lots of things. And i cant help but wonder, if you feel the same? Are you also stuck just as i am? 
I dont know whether you remember this, but i made a promise. I said that i wouldnt fall for anyone else in a year, and i wouldnt get in any relationship, that i would wait for you. And heck, there were times when i tried so damn hard NOT to keep that promise. I met, talked, dated and even slept with others people. Maybe i was trying to fill the empty space you left in my chest. Maybe i was lonely so i sought for warmth. It all ended in vain nonetheless. I kept finding myself waking alone feeling numb, and everything was pointless. It got better after a while, and finally i was able to be normally functional as a human being again. 
Is it you that im missing, or is it because i missed you.