Of course your opinion makes you who you are and no matter what you say will be observed and judged. People are judgmental. You can’t simply make them stop doing that. Because you are too! Think about it. But being judgmental is not so bad. (too much and with false intention will be bad i would say). Being judgy can help you form some kind impression on things and react properly towards them. It’s not bad. But you are sensitive. You‘re scared to touch the knife. It’s out of your comfort zone. And sometimes people can be cruel. 
I didn’t understand why people could be so brave and stand for themselves without being scared. But facing that some of the time I realized we are never stopping being scared. Fear is flowing in our blood. But fear can be your powerful drive. If you try more and more, you can be tougher. You just don’t realize that yet.
Of course people can’t see your thoughts, and sometimes it’s a good thing. But not letting people truly see you isn’t that safe. You’re scared to face others’ opinions, you feel safer on your own? It’s not that safe, believe me! I’ve been there. So just let people see who you are. Don’t be scared of letting your voice be heard. It doesn’t defy who you are and never will. One special thing about humans is we change every single day. So you’re different every day. And everything is different too. You really need to learn to adapt to changes before it happens so fast and punches you in the face. Thank you
Don’t be fucking scared, you little coward! Nobody loves you? You’re fucking wrong. The whole earth fucking loves you but it’s cruel I know. But when you get used to it, the experience is gonna be amazing. I promised. Yeah that’s it for today.
You're wrong then you're right. You're right then you're wrong. Does it really matter? Don't go searching the absolutes. Just enjoy being in the moment. Love ya x
enjoy it x
enjoy it x