This is Tieen.
This is Tieen's parents.
Tieen, well, is a lesbian in denial. Without a shadow of doubt.
Until an ingenious American man changed her perspective.
And "a" means many.

So recently I have watched a "document", The 'Sissy Boy' Experiment; part 1, part 2 and part 3. It is created by CNN, the so-called fake news spreader.
Which is t h o u g h t - p r o v o k i n g.
If you, my audiences, is way too indulged in your own business or just an idle sloth; first of all, why do you even click on this insidious capitalistic clickbait, and secondly; fine, I will give you a brief hasty summary:
The videos depict and discuss gay conversion therapy.
Big words you got there! It really stirs up Tieen's, me, a skeptic, boiling inquisitiveness. And I want to know more.
It raises piping hot, unanswered questions in my head.
Homo pals, are they ill?
Is genderfluid actually genderf--k, as they say?
Why are men gay?
Can I change?
Where are these reparative, conversion, reorientation daddies come from?
Well, some still rattle around the earth, but some would ramble under the ground.
Let's meet them.

CHAPTER ONE: Freud the Hierophant.

As the Plato of Psychoanalysis and Psychology, Freud is the wonderful starting point for our journey.
T: As I light all the candle tonight,
Wish my yell to the dead could fly,
Regather here and join the Ouija,
Answer the call, sit on the sofa.

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Tieen put on her glasses made of Planchettes, looking around.

T: Freud?
SF: Oh lief! ... Good evening Ma'am. I knoweth thee has't questions; but first, giveth me a cigar.
[Tieen found in her drawer two cigars, lit the zippo]
T: Sir, thy humble servant.
SF: (I am yours too.)
T: I'm very glad to see you. I have accomplished very little on the theories of homophile behaviors. Doth thee has't any suggestion?

SF: Readeth all of mine own books and we shall talk.
T: Oh, prithee. Thy three essay art too long.

SF: Well enow... er hem. Humankind, well, is both complex and interesting ma'am. We are, as I argue, bisexual at birth. About your question, I think everyone has homosexual tendencies as they grow up, yet the normal resolution here is heterosexuality.
T: And about the adult queers?
SF: Homosexuality represents arrested sexual development. A variation of the bisexuality. You fail to maintain the equilibrium of the stage, the phallic stage; or, you fail to complete it.
T: Deviation?
SF: ... No. Bad take.  
T: Okey, but ... how does everyone, well,
bisexual at birth?
SF: In fact, broader, it is "polymorphously perverse".  
T: [Exhale smoke] Perverse?
SF: [Raise eyebrow] Non-judgemental. You find erotic pleasure out of any part of the body by nature.  
Imagine a baby with soft glowing skin, fed to fullness, resting quietly, gently exhale and inhale little breaths after being breastfed
T: And... how does bi-babies become hetedultsexual?
SF: When you are psychosexually developed!
[whisper] It requires the resolution of the Oedipal complex. SF & T: Goooyyyddd/ Noooooo. Go back to school.

So, ironically Sigmund Freud's take on homosexuality is, tolerant. Nevertheless, if his words are taken out of context, great conflicts can occur, as seen in Joseph Nicolosi's "virulently anti-homosexual paper" [1] and the description of Freud as a "closeted friend of gays" by McWilliams [2]. Freud argued that repressed homosexuality was necessary for normal heterosexual function. Similarly, all homosexuals had some heterosexual feelings and, vice versa, all straight fresh milk have encountered some of the gay milk. (Of course, you could say I have internalized homophobia)

Freud had a pretty controversial theory about gender and created a huge academic mess. Now, what you would expect me to do is to scrutinize and look in every detail of this Austrian daddy's theory.
Uh, fine chirren. Let's do a close reading.

Papilio Himeros, the guardian of Himeros.
Imagine being born within the hands of Mother Nature, fresh. Your heart is beating, awkwardly; your breaths are mixed up with your tears of joy. In the first touch, you are welcomed by the caring magical realm of water, surround your body as you moan, unconsciously.
All of a sudden, a butterfly flatters, emerges from gentle morning light of the sky, lands on the forehead of the eye-closed human. In the daze of time, the mystic being flap its wings, melt into a glowing dust-like magic stream, lightly welcomed and absorbed by your mind as it sneaks its way in.
The butterfly is Papilio Himeros, often called libido, the psychic energy, the sexual impulse, the immortal embassador of Himeros. Various human beings have endeavored life and time, figuring out its abrupt behavior.

The body of Papilio is a metaphoric sculpture of the plain word "libido", a word that ofttimes used to describe the mortal's sexual drive energy or their tingling butterfly stomach on a date. Its body- the thorax, the abdomen, and the spotty head vaguely capture the built-up tension that exists throughout the child's development. But then, its gorgeous wings exibiteth a twist; a whimsical release of the tension, the equilibrium exists within the opposing forces, best captured by the word: "Art".

Freud stepped in the field (you know, the f--king field) with his ground-breaking theory which is, sadly, widely dismissed and disproved by the goddam modern psychologist descendants. He theorizes that, in each of the 5 stages, the lusty magic stream is focused on a certain zone, with a certain activity or development. And in each stage, the role of parents is pivotal. Of course, there is merely no evidence to back up the existence these 5 stages, but since the work of the psychoanalytic Plato is indispensable, we would see where this leads to, with plenty of caution.
Take the phallic stage as an example. The focus is on the genitals. Development? A complex happens in this stage. The boy wants to possess his mother exclusively and sexually, which makes him love rival with his father. Yet, the boy also fears of losing his precious ding-dongs (castration anxiety), therefore copy and join in masculine dad-type behaviors to resolve his anxiety, the anxiety of being excluded. What about the girls? She would, as Freud thought, develop ding-dong envy (since her admiring father has a ding-dong but she doesn't), and the rest is, oh god, gentleman and ladies, a horrible prospect:

[SIDENOTE]: Now, this is quite interesting. There is a German psychoanalyst named Karen Horney (not what you think), who argues against the former idea by stating her own theory: it is men who have womb envy, 'cause they cannot bear children - the thing that would add meaning to their life. She also dismisses the Freud's ding-dong envy theory and blames cultural factors for creating inferiority in women.
But then, homosexuality still could occur.


To Sigmund Freud, you are mature if your sexuality is: there is sausage, there is sliced bun. Therefore, adult sexuality is a hotdog. You know, the binary, naturalistic, generic view of gender.
Yet, there exists something that kkkkcut his theory half-way. The mouth and the butt.
Freud's theory can "explain" homosexuality in many ways. But before that, it is important to clarify that Sigmund Freud does not approve the:

1. Degeneracy theories (Krafft-Ebing, Karl Ulrichs) (a.k.a your gay gene is an error and illness, non-judgmental) (because all human is bisexual and this leads to homosexuality as a "variation")
2. Criminalization of homosexuality. (signed public statement about the decriminalization of homosexuality in Austria & Germany)

3. The efficiency of curing/ treatment for gay people. (Daddy thinks society should cure itself of non-senselepsy and homophobia.) (aggrandizement)
So dad, what makes people gay?
One, they grow up problematically:
A libidinal arrest or failure to reach the final psychosexual stage of genitality due to insect sticky trap, holding the angelic butterfly, causing a blockage of the energic force, in the phallic stage.
1. Homosexuality appears as a result of the Oedipus conflict and the boy’s discovery that his mother is ‘castrated’. This produces intense castration anxiety (fear of loss of or damage to the genital organ) causing the boy to turn from his castrated mother to a man which he imagines as a ‘woman with a penis’.
2. In the Three Essays, Freud (1905) theorized that the future homosexual child is so over-attracted to his mother that he identifies with her and narcissistically seeks love objects like himself so he can love them as his mother loved him. A twisting gale of confusion, somewhat similar to Joseph Nicolosi's idea.
3. If a ‘negative’ or ‘inverted’ Oedipus complex occurs, a boy seeks his father’s love and masculine identification by taking on a feminine identification and reverting to anal eroticism.
4. Finally, homosexuality could result from reaction formation: sadistic jealousy of brothers and father is safely converted into love of other men.  But how?
Two, an individual may grow up and reached the more mature genital stage but due to trauma revert to an earlier stage, termed libidinal regression.

For Freud, changing an individual’s same-sex orientation to a heterosexual one meant helping them ‘grow up’ through achieving a higher level of psychosexual development, rather than a ‘cure’.

Oooh. Let stop here now, chirren. I have some hypnotherapy session to go to.

T: Hey...
SF: What is that?
T: Wouldst thee mind doing me a fav'r?
F: What exactly?
T: That letter? Can you write one to my parents?
SF:... No... Yea... Alright. But let me use your hand.
[Tieen relaxes her hand. All of a sudden, an unexpected surge of energy dominates her left hand.]

"Dear Mrs Nuu."