151. The new government enacts new laws for the citizens.
152. A stratified rock has many layers.
153. The most turbulent time in Vietnam's history is the Vietnam war.
154. Usually, the company gives the appraisal of employees one time per year.
155. You can do some erroneous decisions in your life but the important thing is not to focus on this decision, more importantly, you should focus on how to improve it.
156. I am a big proponent of many of Einstein's life ideas.
157. I am gratified by my university journey.
158. The smell is dispersed into the room.
159. The number of students surpasses the number of test papers so there are some students who did not take the test.
160. I can't assimilate the new knowledge immediately. For me, I need time to absorb them.
161. The company deceived their customer by selling old computers as new ones. In the long term, it can cause many problems for this company.
162. I like an ample room because I can decorate everything I want in my room. / The ample supply of money makes people feel stable.
163. When the hand hurts, young people will be more resilient than old people.
164. I can surmise the future psychological problems of someone by seeing their face.
165. 10cm is an imposing singer and songwriter in K-pop.
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