“In the midst of the late night came a story. And those rambling thoughts were inclined to appear as followed.
“We’re all bad in someone’s story”, but who knows you gonna be the protagonist, the reason for why it commenced in the first place, and what might seem to befall
It has many layers of nuance.
It has many subtle notes.
It has many intricate details.
But it has only one meaning with the sole implication.
Today, I just wanna let the dismal stillness and tranquillity spill my guts..
Our own covenant will forever engrave in my mind.
(For the sentimental streak keeps reeling. Decide to write down something on a whim till it lasted
Anyway, you used to be my sunshine, my motivation, my strength,.my crush.
Thank you a a lot
"Co khi buoc khong chung duong vay lai hay"