Man, Christiano Ronaldo my favorite football player is being "accused" of sexual assault by a woman, which if true happened ... 9 years ago.
So she claims that they met at a hotel club, then she followed him to his penthhouse mansion, then when she was changing in his bathroom, all of a sudden, he came in and raped her even though she screamed "No" multiple times. Later, she received 385k to keep her mouth shut, and in return CRT didnt have to deal with anything that could hurt his rep.
This is considered to be a part of the #metoo movement which is huge in the western world now.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho ronaldo

I'm like:
First, If the rape was true, then why did she wait for.... 9 years to speak it up?
Second, If she took the money, then why couldnt she hold up her end of the deal which is not talking about it?
And if you just met a guy in a club, next you followed him to his apartment, after which you went to his bathroom and changed your clothes and NOT expect to have sex with him, then what the hell were you doing in his house? And how are we the men supposed to think about that? I mean its crazy, in such moments how are we supposed to tell your "no" for "no, i dont want it" from "no" for "yeah, i like that, keep going"?
Finally, one of the biggest problems with this #metoo movement is these sexual allegations are like dirt on a white shirt. You can later be proven not guilty, but people are gonna keep thinking that you did it, even though you didnt. If only these accusers could be put in jail for falsely accusing a man.