In this week, I just learnt an important lesson about communication at workplace
It started with the fact that I felt so lonely and untrustworthy with my workplace. This result from many circumstances that I observed. The light of doubt just kept stuck in my head. 
I did not talk to anyone.
I did not talk to my team, including my account manager, team leader, member and even my CEO. 
At that moment, all I wanted to do was to run away from that workplace, although one of a headhunter I mentioned in the previous post told me to talk to my colleges calmly to find the solution. 
And I quited. 
It is just not about the trustworthy in the workplace anymore, it is about myself finding me in the ocean and cannot define my goal and objectives in the future. 
In the next 2 months, I will figure it out!
Hanoi, Apr 7th 18.