OH SHIT! It's awesome!... I like it
After so many years (many = 4) I buy the traditional paper book, today I make a really hard decision to buy a new Kindle to change my habit of reading.
Recently I got busier after created a tiny business name Anhemfood.com with my brothers to cook and delivery official lunch for small and medium company’s employees around this city.
And beside it, my full-time job as a Product Owner. Be a PO of a product is more than fulltime job a lot, your product is your child, and no one wants to see their child ugly and stupid :) I want to share more about it, but in another article, this time I want to share some thought of first time using Kindle.

0 to 1 English version after VNese version :) Crazy awesome
I don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy tools, because I know “it’s not about how expensive and smart it’s”… it’s all about how you use it to reach your goals! Same tool but difference mindset leading to different results.
So that, I decided to buy a Kindle Paperwhite, not Kindle Oasis. Haha, mainly because of Oasis too expensive and I’m not a rich kid :)
Are Kindles really worth it?
I spend the most time on the laptop in the office and another place like the coffee shop, bedroom, restroom :) and yes, many of favorite books are available in PDF but still I was unable to stare the screen more than I did now.
Paper book is not convenient for me anymore or at least this period I feel like that. So you should try to buy it, use it and back here thank me later. 
Here is why.
Slim & sexy: Just perfect to carry in your travel time.
All in one: Yeah, put all books in one Kindle.
Charge once in a week: or 2, or 0.
Read offline: or online
Connect social accounts to share excerpts: Now it’s so easy to become a guy who looks like an educated person
Learn English: most of us are very lazy, right? But now all you have to do is press on the word for a few seconds and tadaaaa, the explain is still English..that's fuck.
Fear of being judged: haha, this is important, so fucking important… if you want to know why? ask god or come here to live :)
PS: Do not buy this just because that you are in love with technology, you need to have/build a reading habit first, I guess so.
Btw, I'm looking for Cô_Giáo_Thảo.MOBI version to import to my new Kindle.
For someone who doesn’t know, Cô Giáo Thảo is a short book based on true story, the story about a young man and the way he grows up to be a real man…really really inspire young generation like us.
Nowadays, people made a lot of movie about it and published to a special place.
So anyone have it? please share me. I'll buy you a coffee.
And if you want to get a high quality and full of nutrition lunch… you know what to do, right?