I agree but at the same time disagree with the statement: High scores reflect a person's G.R.I.T. These are the reasons I did not agree with this opinion. Firstly, if a person cheats on the exam, the score is meaningless no matter how high it is. Furthermore, I believe that people who have talent do not face any challenges to get high scores in something they are good at, then these scores reflect their talent, not their G.R.I.T.
But there is also a reason to agree with this statement. In the scenario when people who got a low point on a first test but did not accept that failure and practiced hard to improve their skill, their knowledge finally got a remarkably high score. I argue that in these cases, G.R.I.T. reflects clearly from the good mark because it comes from the whole process of practicing tenaciously.
(From Part 2 Week 2: Gritty like me!)