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Top 5 Transportation Breakthroughs (2019-2024)
  • Autonomous cars drive 1 billion miles on US roads. Then 10 billion
  • Autonomous taxis as a service in top 20 US metro areas
  • Cambrian explosion of vehicle formats
  • Drone delivery for lightweight packages in at least one US city
  • Robotic factories drive onshoring of US factories… but without new jobs
Top 5 Energy Breakthroughs (2019-2024)
  1. First “1 cent per kWh” deals for solar and wind signed
  2. Solar and wind will reach >15 percent of US electricity, and begin to drive all growth
  3. It will be cheaper to build new solar/wind/batteries than to run on existing coal
  4. ICE car sales have now peaked. All car sales growth will be electric
  5. New storage technologies will displace Li-ion batteries for tomorrow’s most demanding applications
Top 5 Predictions for VR/AR Breakthroughs (2019-2024)
(1) Transition from PC-based to standalone mobile VR devices
(2) Wide field-of-view AR displays
(3) Mapping of real world to enable persistent AR ‘mirror worlds’
(4) 5G mobile devices reduce latency to imperceptible levels
(5) Eye-tracking and facial expressions built in for full natural communication
Top 5 Predictions for AI Breakthroughs (2019-2024)
  • AI gives rise to new non-human pattern recognition and intelligence results
  • Doctors risk malpractice when not using machine learning for diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Quantum advantage will massively accelerate drug design and testing
  • AI accelerates security systems’ vulnerability and defense
  • AI design systems drive breakthroughs in atomically precise manufacturing 
The Next 5 Printing Breakthroughs (2019-2024)
  • 3D printing speeds are slated to increase by 50-100X
  • Sustainable, affordable, 3D printed neighborhoods are launching
  • Convincing and delicious 3D printed steaks and burgers in fine restaurants on Earth and in space
  • Metal 3D printers will overtake plastics
  • “Hey” will be the most frequently used command in design engineering

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