I consider myself as a lazy kid and this is exactly what my friends talk about me also. Anyway, I usually get good results in exams so people ask me why I can do that so here is the secret:
1. Leave everything to the Goddess of Luck.
2. Pray a lot even if you do not know who you are praying to.
3. Guess the topic that’s going to be tested and study that part only.
4. Set the target really low so that you will not be disappointed.
5. Be as carefree as possible, so that others will think that you are confident and lose their spirits.
6. Don’t even think about studying the day just before the exam. What good could it be, studying for just one day and hoping to get good marks, while others study for years and some don’t even pass the exam?
7. Sleep late the night before the exam. If you sleep early, you will be awake during the exam and become a sitting duck for 2 long hours.
8. Ask yourself the question: Can you do easy peasy stuff? If it’s a yes, then congratulations because if something is not difficult, it is easy and according to Ho Chi Minh, “nothing is difficult”. If it’s a no, then why bother to study? You’re a dumbass anyway.
9. Talk with the person who you want to be the most during the exam. The best way to be better than other isn’t trying to make yourself become better, but to make others become worse.
10. If you do the things mentioned above, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with your result, whatever it may be.
11. Finally, the key to be successful in exams is to tell crappy advices to others so that they fail.

Hope you enjoy this and good luck in the exam:)

Ở trên là chém gió ấy, tớ đang cố tập viết tiếng anh thôi =))