The WHO has declared that coronavirus is a global pandemic with a highly contagious degree. This will spread through our hands if you touch the contaminated patients' droplets. That's why the safest way to fight coronavirus is to wash our hands with soap.
Soap is considered an amphiphiles molecule, which means one end of the molecule is drawn to water and the other side is attracted to fats and proteins. Fortunately, coronavirus has a partially protected entire lipid shell. Therefore, appearing soap, fat-loving sides of soap bounds with the lipids and protein shell's coronavirus. The chemical connection is enough to break the virus's coat. As a result, coronavirus will be separated apart in pieces and then flushed down by the drain. However, the scientist supposed that this process takes a little time to happen, which is 20 - 30 seconds for the optimal period.
When it comes to hand sanitizer, it has the same role as soap. Since alcohol is the key component of hand sanitizer, can demolish coronavirus. Hence, things are you need a very high concentration and ideal condition to make it successful, which is over 60 per alcohol.
All of this, washing hands is the simplest and most effective way to tear viruses apart and prevent from coronavirus outbreak.