When it comes to learning, reading is always the best method. You absorb new knowledge, information through reading books, blog articles, and other resources.
I do know many people who spend most of their time reading Medium, Quora, Reddit, hundreds of books. Me either.
I believe the more I read, the more information I can learn.
But after a while continuously expose myself to different user-generated content sites and books (I actually spend less time on books), I realize I didn’t digest most of the information. Words come and go quickly. Less than 10% stay in my head. 
The problem is I didn’t really think about what I read. I might think while I read, but after that, no.
I think when you read, you are absorbing raw data. Raw data needs to be processed, if not, it will be useless and forgotten.
When you think, you may put what you’ve learned into a context that relates to your life, you may link it to something that’s already in your head. By doing so, you are “processing” it, convert it into a new form to easily remember and apply.
I also remember that I learn best when I have a rest time in between each lesson. I think my brain needs time to clean up, organize and save some space for the new information.
Besides, there is one big reason that stops me from spending time thinking about what I read.
In the digital life, I (and maybe you as well) get used to interacting with our environment all the time. We never stay still and doing nothing, but thinking. Sitting in the table without touching your phone or laptop seems to be so hard and boring.
We keep seeking out for interaction with electronic devices without any purpose. Then we end up reading something new while you haven’t finished digesting the previous information.
It’s interesting that when I spend time to write every day, accidentally, I also spend time to think as well. I always turn off my phone, pause the list on Spotify when I write. The emptiness and silence are perfect to think and organize my thoughts.
I still haven’t formed a specific process to read more effectively but if you have any suggestions, I’d loveeee to know.