121. I lost my purse so I am seeking for my purse. / I am seeking to find out the new solution for the struggling problems.
122. In our life, some unanticipated events can occur. It can be bad or good. But they are life.
123. We can merge 2 creative ideas to form a new excellent final idea.
124. The landscapes in Ha Giang Province are extremely astonishing. I can't imagine it before I came here.
125. In South Korea, it rains intermittently throughout the year.
126. The predominant characteristic of a cat is its cute face.
127. The remote mode is turned on to control the presentation easier.
128. The inordinate use of brain ability can drain it soon.
129. His character is the embodiment of the Europe young guys.
130. Vietnam is colonized by America for a while. / The bacterium can colonize the nose, throat, and skin without causing infection.
131. By Tarot, I usually give speculation about the human future. But I am not sure about its exactness.
132. If you don't find out a solution soon, the problem will be compounded.
133. The museum combines the constellation of many famous works.
134. The unconsolidated soil can easily lead to erosion.
135. The quality of sleep is intrinsically related to emotional stability.
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