106. He is very fastidious because he follows idealism.
107. I tracked the route to Hoan Kiem Lake. Follow me.
108. In ancient times, the cat is a wild animal but then humans tame cats to be family pets.
109. The chronicle of Einstein's life is saved in the special museum.
110. He synthesized successfully a novel compound that is very useful for illness treatment.
111. The separate compounds should be intermingled together to form a useful mixture.
112. The succulent orange makes me feel thirsty.
113. The over-release of CO2 fouls the environment a lot.
114. The rabbit is usually the prey of the tiger.
115. The percentage of citizens who took the vaccination is practically 80%.
116. He gives compelling evidence so there is no one who can give opposite arguments.
117. After many efforts, ultimately he published the first publication.
118. If you buy it in bulk, I will give you a good price. / The bulk of this book is quite strange but full of humanity.
119. The metal is not incompatible with the implant in the body so it is hard to choose it.
120. The worldwide population has increased substantially over many years./ The cause is substantially derived from his bad habits so I think he should improve his daily habits.
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