46. Online communication supplants in-person communication due to the development of technology.
47. The colossal amount of money is not the purpose of my life.
48. Because of his big ego, he is not susceptible to others' ideas.
49. Because I use the scented candle, the scent emanates from the candle to the room.
50. When I was in high school, I sporadically played sports.
51. Everything in the world is comparative, not absolute.
52. In the competition, you are required to stamp out 10 people.
53. Because of the stagnation of the economy, many countries have to face economic risks.
54. This fashion style is quite obsolete so it is not really suitable for modern life.
55. Many Vietnamese endured the hurricane during the summer./ "Happy New Year" song's reputation endured through many years.
56. It is conceivable that all people in the next century deal with the environmental problem because of their ancestor's bad actions.
57. This choice can entail many risks but I still remain it. / This work entail many efforts and endurances.
58. The belly of a bear stockpiles the energy for them to live through the hard winter.
59. The cat captured the mouse for only 2 seconds.
60. Because he explained elaborately the contents, I can study it so well.
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