I'm quite obsessed with these 3 words because when I was in school, every time I took a test or made a review, it was like I had to write these 3 words at the top of the page... later on, I continued to see it on the written contract.
At that time, it was just like a parrot, but in real life, something that people talk about too much becomes boring, and then people keep saying it back and forth unconsciously. I asked a few friends if they understood the meaning of those 3 words, and each person understood in a different way… And I've said it many times, 'wrong definition leads to wrong action'.
Why not in sequence: happiness -> freedom -> independence? Because freedom and happiness are the results of 'independence'. Without independence, there will be no freedom and happiness, so independence is a prerequisite for all.
If you follow Buddha, follow God, or are atheists, they all share the same foundation, that is, you must be independent from outside material to inner thoughts -> then the true happiness (true happiness) can reveal to you.
This is also the key to the questions that many people often inbox page like 'how should I live this life?' So what is 'independence'? From the moment you were born, if you can't eat and clean by yourself, then your parents will feed you and bathe you.
When you are over 2 years old, you will be independent in eating and drinking... and then after a few years, you will bathe yourself without anyone's support. That is called independence in personal life.
If you eat, drink, clean, and sleep by yourself, then you are only independent at a very low level... Because the food you're eating, the house you're living in, the car you're driving, the school you're studying at... are all provided for you by your parents... that means you're not yet independent in terms of supporting yourself.
Until, you raise yourself, live completely independently, then that is the very basic level of independence of an adult human being. Happiness is not turning in 'inside' and settling in, which is what a lot of people confuse. Also turned inside but not like that.
But natural happiness will arise when you have true independence from the external visible matter to the inner thought. When you are completely independent in all aspects of your life, it will be natural for you to have peace inside... not like, outside there are enough things to do, the responsibility is full, and then you run into the forest to find your own peace. there can never be peace… if there is, it will only be quiet at that time. In life games, the biggest problem is still Money, because it is the intermediary to exchange everything.
So after living independently from the family, from the age of 18, you must have a plan for 'financial freedom' as soon as possible. There are many sources to learn this... but the principle is, you should have a stable job, spare money, then plan to invest and manage personal finances as soon as possible. There are many tutorials on Youtube
Being financially independent early, with ample cash flow, is not for you to retire early, but for you to have more time to do the things you like… and to directly refuse the things you don't like. Your life decisions will also be more independent when there is cash flow behind you.
To be independent in money, you must have a 10-15 year plan, starting as early as the first years of working, by the age of 36-40, you are relatively free from many money-related problems. As a matter of fact, most of the problems in the game of life are related to money.
Anyone who cultivates himself knows that death can't take money with him, but money is a tool to create a lot of things for you to continue to carry through your next life such as merit, good karma, and wisdom...
Ae can still do good even without money… but if there is money, that good deed will be multiplied many times over. Money is not the destination…but it is the tool of the destination. You must print this sentence to read every morning.
Financial independence before the age of 40, it contributes a lot to independence of mind. A free, independent mindset, without money will limit a lot.
why limit? When you are short of money, you have to use your time to work to make money. If you have extra money thanks to an early financial plan, at the age of 40, you will still work but will be much more leisurely. The most important thing is that you have more TIME for your family... and yourself.
If you have spare time, what do you do? go experience ->> go get new knowledge ->> meet the intellectuals ->> do volunteer work --> contact investment opportunities --> ... it keeps rotating like that.
In short, there is time for you to learn, for you to experience everything in life -> from there, living capital increases, intelligence increases -> money generates money again! That's why the word financial independence has a huge impact on independent thinking.
A free mind + financial independence --> you will find a way to both success and peace right in this life game. In life, many successful people are not at peace, because they do not have a free mind. But in order to have it, there must be a process of cultivating the body and experiencing enough about life, observing everything deeply, and being disciplined in all habits, then wisdom will gradually arise
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