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* Knowing English well is equivalent to a college degree
*Knowing English well is not equivalent to a college degree
Firstly, conquering successfully is not enough simply because it is a language, unrelated to knowledge. To take a college education. We have to study vocational course, technical skills, specific training in the art, economics and so on. We receive many skills instead of communication skill. For example, when we call inventory in Accounting - That is about stock, finishing products. However, when we use stock in Finance- That is referred some sort of invesment.
Secondly, English is just a tool, a stepping stone to get out of your comfort zone. For instance, we get 8.5 in Ielts but we cannot work as an English teacher because they require our background. We must prove that we were graduated and had a college degree. In case, a school needs an English teacher but two person had this degree, definitely, it is a top priority to one who get 8.5 in Ielts.
Thirdly, some occupations do not suggest to obtain English wonderfully like being an engineer building the subway. He ignores English. He pays attention to the Mathematics in engineering degree, the scientific method in order to construct the machine.
Lastly, when it come to time, obviously being competent in English, we probably can do it with our willing heart in short-term about three months or six months whereas getting a college education in long-term at least a half and two years. We all want to save our time. Nevertheless, why should we go to college to waste a lot of time. No, not really because this degree is much more valuable than being fluent in English. Another reason I would like to add is that if knowing English well is equivalent to a college degree, do we need to open a large number of colleges in Vietnam, all around the world. I strongly think that right now, we all have an answer to this question.