Have just read a post on my fav fanpage which reminds me of you.
Many nights when I couldn’t fall asleep, I have to admit that I really miss you, your warmth, your smell, your chubby body and all our memories that we used to have. I don’t know if you miss me and how much you love me as I did. Hey, Do you still miss me or forget already?
Honestly, there’s no words to describe my feelings right now. I wonder why the universe let me to know you, meet you and love you. From that day, I was totally on emotional roller coaster that I hadn’t had before. Because of you, I accepted to risk my heart and all I received was just a heartbreak. You know what? The last time when you decided to wipe out our love traces on messenger and facebook which really teared my heart out, I cried all the night and never ceased blame all on you for this pain. Even I wished that I hadn’t ever met you and loved you anymore. From the bottom of my heart, I just wanted to say that I hate you and if my memory served me well, I texted that to you.  
Actually, I had thousands of questions to ask you about the last time we met and what you think abt our love story. However, I chose the silence because I knew that If you love me more than words, you could do anything to hold me back , But you didn’t.
This truly tortured me a lot with the knife of false hopes that we could to be together again. I thought that each couple always bickers around some stuffs and after all arguments, of course, they could be reconciled with each other. But I was totally wrong in our case.
I know that this heart takes time to be healed and could reopen the door to a new opportunity. I think it’s hard but worth.
Sometimes, I have typed your fb account on a search bar to know how you have been and whether you have another girl or not. But you profile is still empty and quiet as the first time you added my fb account.
It has been 3 months after our breakup, your face was engraved into my mind from the first days fading out day by day. Forgive me, Béo. I think it’s time to let you go.
The place where I am standing at, the night sky is blue and clear enough to see the Moon on there. It’s still vibrant, gorgeous and luminous as the way it always is.