To me, 2021 seems just a stalemate. Looking back, it's also 2021 that makes me realize that even if I let go of everything for a while, I'll just live, nothing will happen. Now that I think about it, it was also a year where I am even more grateful to the people who were by my side so that I could endure that time.
2021 was a year where I paused for a while and lost a lot of things, but now I'm 24, I'm 23 years older than me. I have faith that it will become a reality, so I will greet 2022 with that confidence and excitement.
Everyone, myself included, will put all their hard work and painful memories into 2021, welcoming 2022 with excitement and hoping it will be a better year. These days, I really like the phrase “the day I get better” and I hope that 2022 will be filled with such days.
Happy New Year