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Ongoing 30 days challenge

It has been so long since my [Day 2] post.
Why? Procrastinated, again? Even worse, I’m scared.
For me, it’s so hard to link my random thought into English logical thinking, especially when I’m a non-native. But sooner or later, I have to face it, writing English for days on end. Before I can master it, I have to put my heart and soul into it, write everything from my mind and let myself indulge in those words.

Academic Reading

From the first week of my writing class, I have to read English articles from trustworthy publications every day, take note and submit my writing assignments on time.
I find this reading method is advantageous as it supports for GMAT Reading comprehension part. It is also an essential academic reading method, helping me go through thousands of document pages per week in the future graduate course. I love to highlight and, if needed, add some sticky notes on my non-fiction books. I don’t know until recently that writing down a brief makes you remember easier. Instead of reading 100 pages at a time, we had better divide it and take both explanatory notes and opinioned notes after finishing, say, ten pages each.

Academic Writing

One crucial task while writing an academic essay is gathering accredit sources, and no tool can help you better than Mendeley, which is a software to manage all your references and collaborate with other researchers. If you’re a scientist/PhD, you may get used to it. Although I’m not a scholar, I still find it beneficial to categorise my writing sources.

You can not win alone

Back to the initial idea when I decided to write this note.

That’s what I have learned during the graduate application, although it has not yet come to an end. Before that, I thought I could do all the process on my own because I’m afraid to ask for help from others.
I’m so wrong.
Without their support, I would not dare to choose a good school that I always thought it’s out of my league. Although I’m still waiting for the admission, I glad for not walking alone.
I want to extend my gratitude…
…to my mom and dad, for always beside me, loving me as who I am and supporting me unconditionally.
…to all my buddies. Without their mental support, I wouldn’t be confident enough to keep up with my choice.
…to my new friends. Lucky me, I met them when confusing of my career path. Despite being strangers, they don’t hesitate to help me at every single step on my preparation.
…and finally, to me, for giving everything that I had (to some extent).

…Worrying is just a waste of time.
Believe me; everything will be fine….

Thank you so much for reading this post. 
I'm working on writing and this 30-day journey is my first project. I would really appreciate if you could leave your feedback and comments on how I can further improve. I will be creating more posts in future about my experiences and projects.