The most basic way to analyze a boxer is to analyze three concepts: Speed, Power, Endurance of that boxer. Understanding the body of a boxer, you will easily find the appropriate exercise to develop your own fighting style.
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Boxing currently has developed a lot of fighting style. Sometimes agile like Lomachenko, or strong and hard like Golovkin, even mighty and fast like Mike Tyson. However, one thing people should keep in mind, the above boxers are successful by maximizing their strengths instead of trying to pursue inappropriate fighting styles. They understand their physicality, their coaches also develop appropriate exercises to fully exploit the students' strengths, and cover the shortcomings.

Muscle structure and physical

In the motor system, muscles are divided into two important types: fast twitch and slow twitch. The function of these two types of muscles is also very different. While fast muscles are designed to stretch faster for high-intensity activities, slow muscles contain more oxygen, which ensures long-term durability.
There is no common pattern body for martial artists/boxer
For different bodies, the distribution of muscle is fast and muscle is completely different. Some people are naturally gifted with physical strength because the majority of their muscle is red muscle, some are endowed with stamina because white muscle accounts for the majority. In addition, the location of the muscle that bond to the bones are also "gifted" factors that cannot be exercised or changed.

3 Basic factors shaping the fight style

Of the many factors that make up a boxer, such as thinking, stamina, strength, speed, determination, stubbornness, ... The three most basic factors to shape the fighting style are Power, Speed and Endurance. And like the rules of fair compensation of creation, no fighter in the world can develop all three at the same time, martial arts geniuses can only develop 2 elements in parallel. Each of these shaping elements is only suitable for certain styles. 
Therefore, it is necessary to determine the physical strength of boxers before directing them into a specific style of fighting.
In order to maximize the potential of martial artists, at the beginning, the coach should only focus on the two strong points of martial artists and try to develop to push them to the highest level. The remaining weak factor needs to be supplemented not only with supplementary exercises, but also with the right tactics to cover the weakness.

For martial artists (or boxer) with high strength and stamina, lacks speed (I'll call them type A)

This type of boxer is suitable for pushing and punishing the opponent until the end of the match. These boxers are born with the ability to compete tirelessly, have the power to threaten any opponent, these boxers are often "endowed" more on endurance. Therefore, just keep the opponent in a state of endure or exchanging blow for blow, the A-type fighters will always be the upper hand.
Around the world of Boxing there are two top level A-type fighters, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. If Golovkin is obvious evidence of strength and endurance. With Canelo Alvarez, viewers are still a bit unclear, because the majority still believe that Canelo is a well round figher that have strength, speed and stamina. In fact, the physicality of these two martial artists, though both of the A type, have certain differences.
Canelo Alvarez: Canelo Alvarez has very flexible hips and good reflex. Therefore, he chose counter and pressure fighting style (aggressive counter). The speed that people see in Canelo is the rebound speed in the waist and hip, the central area (core area) of Canelo.
Canelo chose to fight by using pressure and counter
Gennady Golovkin: Golovkin again has a very strong and balanced hip-body (core). A very heavy, very strong and firm attack. But because of its firmness and stiffness, the speed to dodge and rotation of Golovkin's body isn’t as good as Canelo's. Therefore, Golovkin must apply “tanking” tactics. He take the blow, then counterattack. The pressure from Golovkin's muscular body was like a stone that become unstoppable force.
Golovkin uses pressure like a tank  that only move forward but not backward because his physical strength is like a rock that cannot be moved.

For a boxer who has speed and stamina, lacks strength (type B)

This type of boxer also takes advantage of physical strength like A-type boxer, but instead of using strength to control the opponent, this type of boxer uses speed, footwork to put the opponent into a difficult position. 
Famous martial artists of the type B include Vasyl Lomachenko and Manny Pacquiao.
Lomachenko: Ukrainian boxer is quite tall and thin for a Lightweight, due to the even distribution of muscle along his “long back” body type, Lomachenko is not as strong as his opponent. Therefore, he forced to use the tactic that take long time to be have an effect, launching attacks until the opponent received enough impact and have to fall, instead of every single blow is powerful like a type A boxer. Lomachenko's strategy is search for opening or throwing jabs until the opponent reveals an opening. Attacking the openings helps Lomachenko KO the opponents without using too much stamina for only 1 shot.
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Lomachenko used a jabs to distract
Manny Pacquiao: The Filipino legend is a Welterweight-class warrior with the height of a Featherweight boxer. Therefore, when it comes to Welterweight, Manny Pacquiao's muscle density is much thicker than the opponent, so the strength factor of Pacquiao is also quite respectable compared to B-type fighters. Pacquiao often launching heavy combos and pushing the opponent instead of dizzy the opponent with jab like Lomachenko. Pacquiao's opponents were threatened by Pacquiao's relatively heavy attacks, causing them to shield the area of attack and reveal other target.
Pacquiao's strength may not be as high as other Welterweight fighters, but for boxers with persistent speed, Pacquiao's strength is a strong weapon.
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Because of the small body, Pacquiao has a thicker muscle density than the opponent, resulting in Pacquiao's attack is also heavier than B-type fighters.

For martial artists with speed and power, lacks stamina (type C)

Long fight are the mortal enemies of C-type fighters. To cope with the long period of time, C-type fighters often have to preemptive attack to corner the opponent. Because they had been blessed with both strength and speed, they became fierce at the beginning of the match. However, over time and the development of Boxing, the C-type boxers seem to be on the losing ground because their opponents are now too wise and clever in finding ways to prolong the match.
Mike Tyson: More than anyone, Mike Tyson and the Peek A Boo style are the best examples of C-type fighting. Mike Tyson's matches always end in less than 6 rounds. If the match is longer, the audience will see Mike Tyson struggling with physical strength and often win points thanks to knockdowns at the beginning of the match. Except for the cases where the opponent has run out of strength after the first 6 rounds to fight, Mike Tyson has the opportunity to dance a bit in the final rounds, the rest are the active clinch hugging phase that takes time and waiting for a counter. And that's when Mike Tyson was only 20 years old, when he at his peak.
Phân tích chuyên sâu: Nhanh, mạnh, bền và việc lựa chọn lối đánh hợp lý
Preemptive is a necessary tactic for the legendary Mike Tyson