Black&White vs Long&Short

From the day that Black&White project officially lauching, we have always been concerned about the story of writing what, for whom, how style. 
Until now, that question is still standing. 
Recently, through the introduction of a brother, Black&White was known and had the opportunity to work with Long&Short
The first impression's when hearing about the name, we saw a strange resemblance. Strangely, the fanpage of the two teams lauching offically also on the last days of July.
Let's Talk a little about Long&Short, this is a sub-project of a Vietnamese fashion brand. With content written about people, it will be interviews conducted by the Long&Short team directly with the individual in the article. 
Ordinary people tell extraordinary stories and accomplishments are the values that Black&White can empathize with and support the Long&Short path that will follow. Soon, on the social channels of Black&White will appear many interesting posts from Long&Short
Let's read and feel offline. 
Black & White Signature.
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