Taking pictures of food and posting on social networking platforms or doing blogs is quite popular today. It brings a lot of fun and can be profitable for those who do this.
Firstly, posting photos of food on social media share and save moments of yourself and your friends. You share the delicious food you eat or good restaurants with your friends. You post homemade dishes to show your friends about your cooking ability and get comments from people.
Next, Being a food video creator or food blogger brings in a big source of income. You can make cooking videos or food blogs posted on video creation platforms that bring in ads and views. Doing cooking lessons or food reviews posted on social media sites or cooking sites is a common job today.
Finally, This is a method to help restaurants or eateries advertise their food. Social media helps reach a large number of customers and people who like to eat. They can see their food on social media and easily buy them. Many restaurants and eateries are better known for posting photos on Instagram and other social networks.