Let's talk about the usage of Facebook


Facebook is the most famous social media. Facebook was written by PHP programming languages. We can share information on Facebook and follow something you favorites.

The advantages of Facebook

Connect with people around the world just using the computer to have the internet.
Find information such as job, friend, advertisement, and knowledge
Associate with people who have the same hobbies
Using Facebook for a business like digital marketing, sell online, teaching online.
Using for entertainment

 How to use the Facebook right way

We usually spend lots of time scrolling Facebook. It makes us a waste of time. There are 3 steps to solve this problem
Step 1: Let's using Facebook but using enough
If your job demands you to using Facebook all day, it's ok because you using Facebook similar to hard-working. But the remainder, we should have a plan to use this social media. Let's read the Example 
Example: I am a student at FPT University. I have a plan to fair use Facebook every day
When I wake up, It's ok to use Facebook 30m to check the message and watch something news. After that, I turn up the baroque music and study or writing a blog. This time, I don't use Facebook
I spend 15m to 30m use Facebook in the afternoon to find something new in my group. Some group I follow (The Front-end group, cộng đồng PHP, javascript, HTML, and CSS)
At night, when I finish my study at University. I go to doom and spend 30 minutes using Facebook to check the message and watching some animal videos
*Note, sometimes you have a message, let's use Facebook. Of course, when you have done, turn off Facebook.
Step 2: Using Facebook to study
Facebook has plenty of sources to study. We have lots of platforms to make a question and receive the answer. Using it right ways to help you solve some of the problems. How are we using that? Follow 3 step
Step 1: Follow the group which you need to get information
Step2: Get the sources of the group
Step 3: Make a question and receive the answer. Sometimes, you can answer some questions in the group
Step 3: Using to connecting with your friend
Sometimes chatting with an old friend make you relax after work. You know lots of information just lie in the bed. Sound like good!
I have a friend. She studies at Foreign Trade University. I study at FPT University. It's so far to take the car and meet her. So chatting on Facebook is the best way
For someone who doesn't know me. My name is Phuc, I study at FPT University.
Hope you have nice information.