Title as a book by Jane Austen
This post isn’t related to the above novel.
I realize people now live and follow their sensibilities more than sense. As a sensitive person, not exactly, maybe compassionate or emotional? How to define the one who easy to change emotions just by something small that doesn’t matter? You may know someone that cries just by a TikTok and then laugh at another one real quick. Yep, that me
I did let my actions follow my emotions. If I didn’t like sth, I would show.
But then I realized how much responsibility you should take if you continue to do that as an adult. People may tell they don’t care about how others judge, do it if that makes you happy. Really? Is that what they really think or just how people comfort themselves when they deep down know they are wrong but refuse to admit it?
I don’t judge anybody for their decisions. They have the right to do anything they want. Our generation faces too many mental health problems, some are too scared of how people think and some choose to completely ignore them.
It doesn’t have right or wrong. Only if you can take all responsibility for your actions. And don’t ignore people's feelings. I don’t think making yourself feel better by hurting people is right. The Weekend sang “I broke your heart as someone did to mine”. A selfish line.
It’s not easy to ignore your feelings but if we break all the rules, does it make us animals? Without controlling yourself before making decisions, what animal are we?
Be yourself, but don’t let it become a reason to hurt people. Hurting someone may seem like a big thing. It happens daily though. Too stress after work so we are mad at our parents when they ask or tired of salesman calls,…
I still try to balance my emotions and how to react to others. Can’t be a perfect one, even God has anti