Like other tourists coming to Da Nang for the first time, you wonder about must-visit places, authentic religion cuisines, means of transportation, travel seasons, serviced accommodation, etc. This blog is some tips or experiences for you for a couple of days in Da Nang.
Weather is always making me stressed when I go traveling to other places. You should find out which season is suitable for you coming to Da Nang. The best time for your trip starts from March to August simply because it rains less and shines more. The sky is quite clear, sunny and ideal for the white sandy beaches and interesting activities at this time. However, this time is also a high season for those tourists coming to Da Nang from over the world. From September to February is a time for raining and storms. It is a little cold and rainy at the same time. Sometimes It can be chilly and cloudy outside. What do you think of sitting next to the window and sipping a warm coffee on a rainy day? Besides, the price for accommodation and activities is also low-cost in the low season. Each season has its pros and cons, just feel ready and open-minded to take a trip.
Traveling on scooters, why not?
These days, many traveling companies or organizations specialize in providing motorbike and car private tours for tourists. Traveling by scooter gives you a chance to enjoy beautiful things along the road, stop whenever you want and a sense of freedom, comfort and adventure. Remember to wear a helmet tightly, bring your driver's license and know the Vietnamese traffic rules clearly before sitting on a scooter. Of course, they will give you a driver if you do not how to drive. However, If you want to be safer, you can easily offer a car with a more expensive price.
I highly recommend hotels, hostels or homestays by the sea. This area gathers lots of foreigners and accommodations around here. You can research which one you love to stay. After waking up early, go for a walk to beaches and feel the fresh air from the sea, you can easily find many places for breakfast on the roadside. Here is some recommendation for you to choose a settlement [chenf blog..]. However, If you want to be close to the city center, there are a lot of hotels where you can easily explore many things inside the city.
It is recommended that you should try Mỳ Quảng (Quang noodles) and Bún Chả Cá. There are plenty of delicious dishes, of course, but this is the 2 best dishes in Da Nang. I do not want to limit you of 2 this food, let try as many dishes as possible. M.F.K Fisher said “First we eat, then we do everything else”. That’s true. Sit down and taste your warm bowl holding on your hand and then go wherever you want.
Booking dinner at a luxury restaurant along the Han river to have a romantic feeling is extremely a perfect moment for your trip. Or you can sit on the solar cycle of “Sun wheel” and watch slowly a magic light of the city from the height. It will be enjoyable to take Han river cruise flowing through the heart of Da Nang and see the pace of living at night in this city
This writing is just my experience of 4 years in Da Nang. Wish you have a great time and get your own memorable trip to this beautiful city.