Artwork by Katarina Galić on <a href="">Behance</a>
Artwork by Katarina Galić on Behance
don't you ask also a question 
why do you love anybody
you may love your dog,
but the dog is your slave
apart from animals and buildings 
and books and poetry
and the love of the land 
do you love anybody
which means 
not asking anything in return
just listen 
find out
not asking anything 
from that person you love
not dependent on that person 
at all
because if you are dependent
then fear begins
jealousy anxiety hatred anger
and if you are attached to somebody
is that love 
now find out
if all that is not love
I'm just asking
I don't say it is or it's not 
if all that is not love 
then how can you have compassion
we are asking for something 
much more than love
and even love we haven't got
just only love for another human being
so what shall we do
we can go on discuss 
answering this question
umpteen times 
take it in 
find out
I don't want to find that love 
all that I want to do 
is to remove that which is not love, 
to be free of jealousy attachment 
find out 
if you love somebody