There came a beautiful day when a young woman was betrayed. Feeling lonely and unfair, losing her appetite, she asked.
And He answered: "A person may leave you, but I am still here, I live with you and I accomplish my plans through you. A person is a milestone in your progress of living, but I am the one who wrote your progress of living."
There came a rainy day when an oppressed child made a question. The question was: "Why they don't understand me yet allow themselves rights to judge me? Why do your teachings say that I still have to be nice to them? Do you think that's too much for me to handle ?"
The wise God answered: " I'm here, I live within you and I accomplish my plans through you, those people are milestones in your life, which is progress. I wrote your progress and I also use you to be a milestone in theirs, for I wrote a life program for each of them. At the end of the day, if they believe me, they will thank me for having you in their lives. You too should do the same thing, for I know that you have faith in me to ask me this. Being a presence in someone else's life is a precious gift called "Present". If they mistreat you, love them for I have loved you and them first. If you mistreat them, you lose the "Present" or I can say that you just kill your chance of being valuable to one's life. Then you create a chance of being forgotten, and you will surely come before me and ask the first question: "Why loneliness is miserable and I happened to be in it?"
Simple as it is, just stay silent and love your neighbors."
On one starry night, a man walked out of a hospital where he works, his hand was holding a resignation letter. He said to the air: "I tried the best I could in the surgery for that woman, multiple times I saw her praying to you. Why didn't you save her? I had also prayed to you before I conducted the surgery, but you still made 13 hours of our doctors' attempt failed ?"
He said unto him: "Your progress name "Learning" is not yet ended, the patient's progress was accomplished for the door name "Pain and Scare" had been closed, now she is walking in the progress of "Peace" and it's just you aren't to meet her with your eyes. In me, there are unlimited restless movements. I was in there in the surgery and walked you both to the next phase of your lives. Do you wish to keep on moving on your track ?"
If you ask me, I will tell you that God is Agape, purely a love.

He, I think, is the Universe. He hides in everything. The blue sky, the grey clouds, cultures have him in many names such as Jehovah or Allah or Jesus. 
He is the reflection of the inner peace we cannot see or touch or can prove through scientific facts.
He is possibly written in books in the full truth or just a part of it.

He is where silent writhes of human can be explained, transformed into prayers, and turned into answers for all questions which are impossible to be expressed into words or common logic.

He is the answer for moans of being left behind, the grievance of being mistreated, the bitterness of the feel of being unworthy.

He is the answer for the question one comes up when he ever feels oppressed, and no longer wants to follow standards set by the others.