Son: " Pop, can you tell me a bedtime story, please. It is still early. You stories are always amazing"
Father: "You always have a thing for my stories son. Very well. Today I am going to tell you a story about a man that became a legend. A story about will, about honor, and above all about sacrifice"
Son: "........."
Father: " The story I am about to tell you, when you are to be my age, you must pass it down to your son and your son to his son so the story will live long after my death. The man you are about to know, he was a man of honor. His whole life was like a long, struggling walk in the darkness. I did not know how he had got to survived for so long without killing himself first. Maybe he tried and failed, maybe he just never wanted to give up"
Son: "........."
Father: "He was a legend in my time, and still is in your time. But not to spoil you the fun of discovery, I will tell you about his origin. He was born in disgrace, in family where he received no love from his parents, in a place where everybody thought so lowly of him. He was deemed a mistake, an incovenience, an error everyone wished to erase. Every day he would look to his step-siblings playing around in the courtyard and wonder to himself how much fun it would be if only he could play with them, if only... he could be  a part of the family, one of their own. But that was as far as he allowed his thought to wander like a wild beast."
Son: "Pop, why did his family not love him? Is it not what we, as a family, is supposed to do?"
Father: "Because my son that sometimes happens in life. When you grow up, you will understand. His childhood experience was very much similar to mine."
Son: "........"
Father: "This man, what made him so great, was that he did the impossible. He accomplished the feat that make even the Gods jealous"
Son: "The New Gods or The Old Gods Dad?"
Father: "Count them all in, son, count them all in. He would come to be known as... But I am getting ahead of myself, let go back in time. When he grew up to be a young, mature adult, he left his family and came to this faraway land. He believed he did not belong to the place that he was born, so he decided to go this faraway land to find his true home, a place where he can feel he belongs. A lost soul in this cruel world is indeed a horrible fate. But fate does have its wicked sense of sympathy, because that is where I met him"
Son: "Dad tell me about his appearance. What did he look like? How did he became the subject of the story?"
Father: "Oh now it is your turn getting ahead of yourself. Again my son patience. To measure one's fame, one thing you could do is to measure the fame of his enemy. What make the tale of this man so widely-know is because his enemy, in its own right, more famous than him."
Son: "......."
Father: "Long ago, very long ago, there was this.... creature. Everywhere he passed, he left no trace of survival, everything living things he encountered, nothing survived to tell the tale. There is only one word to describe his notorious fame - Death."
Son: "Who is this creature pop? and what does he has anything to do with the story?"
Father: "Because he is the bad guy in the story son, a very bad guy. The guy whose sole purpose was to completely destroy the world and watch it burnt in flame. Except in the case, frozen in ice. As you may have guessed he was the famous Night King. "
Son: "The Night King? But he was defeated by Jon Snow, was he not?..............You knew Jon Snow Daddddddd?"
Pop: "The fun of discovery was incredily satisfying now, is it not? Yes I knew him personally, better yet, I was his comrade, a brother swore by oath. A lot of thing had happened and Jon Snow had becam the King in the North against all odds. He was the first person who recognized the extreme danger of the Night King, how he could possibly end this world in The Eternal Winter. When nobody was willing, he was the first king of all the Seven Kingdoms, of all the Kings and Queens of this wicked world to defend the realm of man. He readily gave up his life to save his soldiers, his comrades, his friends. He defended the week with strength, and kept his promises with honor. He would come to be also known as Aegon Targaryen, but I will always think of him as Jon Snow, the named he introduced himself when we first met"
Son: "Aegon Targaryen? But he was Ned Stark's bastard? How could his last name be Targaryen? And you still have not told me how did he become the King in the North"
Dad: "All those questions my son, they are stories for another time, for they are very long stories. The story I am telling you know right now is not how he became The King in the North, but how a man became a legend. A man became a legend when he fought for a noble cause, when he willingly defended the world that had hated him so much for so long, and above all, when he defeated a creature everyone deemed invincible. In the final battle against the Night King, I stood there with Jon, and I saw the Night King. I looked into his dark, bright blue eyes and all I could see was emptiness and death. I was scared for my life, I was a coward, and I wanted to run away, and then I turned to Jon. I saw a man with courage and determination, not that he did not feel the same chilling emotions that I had, despite all that he would still go forward. At that moment, I knew, deep down in my heart, I would follow Jon to the depth of hell if he asked me to."
Son: "You never tell me anything about any of this Dad, I wish you would told me earlier, that you were there with Jon Snow in the final battle against the Night King, that you were a hero."
Father: "Because I am waiting for this moment, when you are old enough to remember. I am telling you this story so you can tell to your son and your son to his son for all eternity to come. We remember the sacrifices Jon had made for the North and all the Seven Kingdoms. We remembers when nobody was willing, he was the first King who fought and defend the realm of man, the very people who had despised him so much. We remember that without Jon, the world as we know it would have ended in the Eternal Winter, and history would have stopped. We remember Jon Snow not as the King, but the Legend who defeated the Night King and ended The Eternal Winter. We are the North, my son, and the North remembers."
Mother: "Sam, sleep's time, let's put him to bed."
Father: "Alrighty, your mom is right, that is enough story for tonight. Time to go to sleep little Sam. More stories awaits you tomorrow"