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Minh Anh, Nguyen 
95, passed away peacefully in the warmth of her loved ones' arms and the smell of apples. She asked the world not to write a long obituary, but to let her stay in its heart for 5 minutes. And not to cry, but to think of her with sparkling eyes. There was nothing to be sad about as she had lived to the fullest.
Minh Anh, good at smiling and loved being happy, devoted all of her energy to stand by and encourage people to trust themselves then live the way they wanted. She may not be here anymore, but her books, her drawings, her talks and her "Let's live" things will forever stay. 
Minh Anh, loved her family more than anything else, always put her people before her work, money and fame. She said she wanted so bad to be a good daughter, a good mother  and a good wife. And the world all knows she is.
She said she regretted nothing. And before she left,
"Don't forget to live. And live kindly"
She smiled.