I am fully aware that this is a very overdue review. Someone once said to me if I wanted to write more, I had to read/see/observe/.. more. Just like digestion, in order to “produce”, you need to eat first, gorge yourself on everything till your body cannot help but burst things out. But I guess I simply have constipation for words.
Sorry, off topic!
The movie, as I remember, was pretty much mediocre because of the somewhat predictable plot. However, I still managed to shed a few crybaby tears at the ending scene. It was more real life than merely a movie, yet everything was so artistically put together that as someone who had never experienced such a life could still sense a powerful connection to the storyline.
My friends and I would still argue even after the movie: Why did Jack have to die? Were there any ways other than ending his own life? How would he be able to help Ally when he wasn’t even sure of himself? And Why the heck did I cry?...(I would say it was partially because of my period, but this is also beside the point). All I could think of was that the dead man was dead; what else can you do. Nonetheless, this was the most bitterly realistic the movie can get which is sometimes, logic cannot answer to all matters.
There was a fleeting tiny scene that I barely paid any attention to while at the movie, but as for now, whenever the soundtrack “Look what I found” comes on my playlist, I cannot help but pause and watch the scene again.
It was when Ally - Lady Gaga took out her songbook and quickly noted down her ideas while Jack - Bradly Cooper looked at her with the most endearing, heartwarming, caring, proud, excited and affectionate eyes ever. Those eyes spoke endless words. Jack fell in love with his girl all over again and how I adore the relationship that is not based on exterior looks, social status but just the connection that two human beings share for one another.
Love took its form in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s lurking in the dark, other times it’s unabashedly shining right in front of our eyes. Sometimes it’s happiness, and other times it is pain and sorrow. Life is where everything takes place.

(but why would you take love advice from a 20-year-old like me? :D)