As a part of my day, I opened an application called Journey. It notified me that I had been writing diaries in almost 960 days. What a number!
958 days, to be exacted
I suddenly remember the date of January 1st 2019. I installed the app on my phone as a need for recording moments in my life. That was also the first date I use the app. I still remember I recorded my family visit to the new shopping centre and buliding at that time. I recorded the images of the new building, memories of having fun and warm atmosphere at that time.
Since then, every single time when I do have a memorable story or something I want to express out of my mind, I do use the app to record. That’s when I start a habit: writing diary.
Why writing diary, you ask? Writing diary helps me keeping logs of memorable parts of my life, helps me to self-communicate,  self-reflect of what I can learn, what I feel on the day.
How did I keep the habit? I first started with simple sentences expressing what I thought on the day. When new thought crosses my mind, I enter a new entry quickly. In times I feel lazy or gut, I  use the voice recognition, speak what’s on my mind and let the keyboard fill in for me. One thing that works well with me: Don’t track the days of writing diary (and don’t too focus on that figure anyway) ’cause it may create the feeling of disappointment and gradually stopping me from completing the habits (I felt into that hole many times).
Apps or notebook? Well, you’re free of choice. Choose what works for you. I once started by writing down on a notebook, but now I  mainly use the app Journey for convenience. I use Journey app ’cause it has a beautiful UI design, syncs well across devices and it also has a web system to type the journey on the computer as well.