“You know when you love something is when you realize you might hate it, you might be scared of it, you might be angry at it, but you cannot run away from it. It will never go away. “

#When you love something 
Perhaps Love is the most mysterious and powerful thing that an individual, if ever has a chance to encounter, would be inevitably or admittedly overwhelmed for the very first sense of its existence. It is not something that you can keep, you can hold on to but something you can only take and hopelessly surrender your own innate insecurity. It is something that you can never understand but by taking it, you always know it is right. It is something that might desperate you but could also empower you. It is scary but just like death, It enables us to live. 

Love is not a journey, love is an existing sense. We don't have to go through things and try hard to have it. We don't have to hang in there and wait for it to appear. We don't have to extract it from other beautiful and appealing things. We don't have to juggle and brainstorm. We don't even have to pay attention to it. All we have to do is taking it in when it comes, feel it, remember it and love it like a lover. That is true love. 

#Why is love?
Life is scary. Possibilities challenge human minds. Emotions sometimes seem to chain us up and leave us in the middle of nowhere, between confusions and guttedness. Without love, it is very easy to get lost, it is very easy to forget who we really are. And we all know, what awaits at the end. But life is also promising, like a journey. We might know what would happen but we could never know how it would go and how we would embrace that. And like two things cannot be separated, life defines love and love flavours life. 

#Where to find love?
Love is always here, there, and everywhere. Love is never far. But love is a sense, you cannot find love without using your senses. I meant, all of your senses. Love sometimes could be low, sometimes fiercely, sometimes slow and sometimes speeded up but love is never something consistently exists, love is something exists sometimes consistently and sometimes hiddenly. That is your job to keep love gathered. That is your job to fear but not to avoid things that scatter love. 

#The end
Without love, life is hard, but when there is no life, there is no love.  Love is born from life and experiences. You can never choose what happened to you or what will happen to you but you can choose love, and from here, you can live your life, not through a life that you have no idea what that life is about.
I wish you luck to find love, and a courage to embrace one.