What would happen if you did not build relationships?
This is a Basic question nowadays.
Before we discuss that, let's find out if you ever try hard to build trust in your relationships.
Do you feel shy every time you strike up conversations with a stranger? For me, Sometimes I felt that but now it easier than before. Every relationship starts with a smile, a hit accidentally, a joke,... and then we become friends.
Our friends can be our relatives, partners, colleagues,... and in all these relationships we have to build trust between us and them.
Firstly, You shouldn't lie to everyone, be honest all the time. Furthermore, if you build an untruth story, you will get tried to keep it was alive in a long time.
Secondly, Being reliable at all moments. If you say you will do something, you must make it happen. It is also a way to assist you always keep your promise and gain your goal.
Finally, we are aware that these relationships are significant so you have to stay to the end. What does it exactly mean? In my opinion, it means you have to try your best to figure out the way to fix your mistake or the radical solution to help your friend. You must make sure that you always show care and do not pretend to be so busy, it does not waste your time.
If our friendship can come to an end, don't worry, you will gain a grateful time or maybe intimate relationships.
In conclusion, I think we can live without building relationships because they are opportunities to practice increase trust with your friends, relatives and make you have a strong mind, a good personality.
Would you like to fall out with old friends?