Working overtime is so common. Many of my friends tell me they have to work overtime during the week and even at weekends.
Me too. I was used to working from 9 am to 9 pm every day. Some times I even worked until the early morning of the next day.
After a quite long time, I decided to stop.
But it’s not because working OT took all of my time or consume my health (Although it really did)
But because it eliminates my self-development.
I realize I didn’t gain anything from working too much. (Even money, the last thing I expect, I didn’t earn) I can hardly learn new things or new skills. 
Although I put so much effort, I barely move forward. And I hate it so much when my effort is wasted in vain. I don’t invest in meaningless things.
I see many people talk about their overtime work with the pride implied. In contrast, I’m ashamed of it. (I don’t like to be complimented as hard-working either. It may be good, but only receive that compliment means you have nothing left but hard-working)
I don’t want to tell people about how late I worked last night. It has nothing to be proud of. What does it mean when you work overtime? Are you so important that you can’t leave the office at 6 pm?
No, you’re not. Or maybe you think you’re. But you’re not.
I believe, your value is not measured by how much time you work, but by the result and the impact you bring to the organization. Everything means nothing if your work doesn’t have meaningful results.
When you stop developing yourself, your value also stops increasing. As time goes by, you will be easily replaced by new people with better skills and knowledge. 
So, if you’re working overtime, re-think if it’s really necessary. If not, stop and make changes!
Great day!