Hi guys, 
It is so great to be back on Spiderum. This channel has been my favorite corner since I graduated and started an office life. Whenever I feel stress and want to escape, this is where I can pull myself together and put things into perspective. 
For me, 2 years after graduation is enough for me to realize my strength, my weakness and my career goal. Since I was at a somophore student, I pursue marketing and really want to get in to this field. I tried every workshop, participate in one competition and failed to execute a first round proposal and many other missed opportunity. Then, I turned to every marketing-related opportunities: Marketing Intern, SEO intern, Account Assistant. And then the lucky wheel started to show up on my destiny when I passed the probation for the Account Executive. Unfortunately, my health was go worse and worse that time and I did not want it that way. Then after a couple job, I found out that I chose marketing but it may not choose me and gave up. I started in a totally new position, a new industry. But so far so good, everything is so match with my expectation, for the first time of my life. I am going to see where it wil be. 
Good news: today I was taught time management skills. Some of them I might have known, some are not but I had to say that, once again, I am glad that I have a new job, new good boss and so many things to learn.