In the new year eve people tend to wish for a happy new year or wealth or affluence, perhaps even better luck. I always find it problematic when I have to make my wishes for other people because I believe wishes like these no matter now good intentions they bear, don’t help other people. That's why in the past each time I uttered a wish, it appeared to be so fake and I knew it in myself. So what are the real wishes I have for this new year?
I wish that I can meet the demand of life. That means no matter how harsh my life can turn to be, I hope that I will be strong enough and smart enough to overcome.
Another wish is that the society is not corrupted enough to block us from cooperating to solve large scale problems. This wish comes from a fact that despite of individual strength and wisdom, there is so much a man can do without the assistance of other members of the society. To meet a great challenge, we need great resources and human can be the most important resource. It is only possible to co-operate when a society or at least the community that I am a part of is not too corrupted to lead to infighting and non-cooperation. Moreover, momentary stupidity is a common phenomenon of our mind and I have as much guilt as anyone else. This can only be mitigated when we criticize each other and listen to honest and well-meaning criticism.
My last wish is that if everything comes to naught and there is absolutely nothing I can do, I hope that I won’t resent anything or anyone. This shouldn’t come from my naivety of the evil in the heart of each person but the wisdom passing down by our great spiritual leaders throughout history (by that I mean the Buddha or Jesus, etc) so that in the decisive moment, I would make the best possible choice.
Although it's really late for a new year wish, it should be enough time for me to cultivate these virtues. At least that is my hope.