1, Dear Papa, thank you for always protecting us, not just our family but friends and everyone around us
2, Happy birthday Mamii. May your life be filled with happiness and use by God more and more to sprinkle blessings for others. You have been one of the most beautiful woman inside and outside. I m blessed to be your daughter and bff, to feel your love and learn how uoy deal with your imperfection for this past 20 years. May everyone of your life be filled with miracles, new adventure and blessings
3, Happy belated birthday Papa. My first love, my hero, my protector, you are my everything and I will always be your little girl.
4, My family, my circle of strength, my everything
5, More precious than gold, my sister, nieces and nephews. I am so lucky to have God bless me with you guys.
6, The love of a family is life's greatest blessings and I'm truly a lucky girl to have them. I love you all so much.
7, Happy birthday my lovely Mom. We love you more than everything.
8, Sister - The love of my life, the keeper of all my secrets and life moments, I love you so much.
9, Mom - She is everything i am today.
10, Nothing is better than having a little family that loves you more than everything.
11, Sister - You make my bad times good and my good times unforgettable.
12, Happy bday to my most beautiful and cutest mom ever. Stay healthy, lovely and happy as always. God Bless!