A note to keep all the good memory today. Spoiler alert if you have not watched this movie yet.
To celebrate it, I hanged out with my friend, going to a cinema to watch "Litte woman". At first, I agreed with my friend's suggestion on this movie immediately, as I thought that Emma Watson would be the leading actress. Though things turned out differently, and I quite enjoyed spending time on it. 
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The movie is about life of 4 sisters, namely Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth, with a super caring and understanding mom, while their father was sent to Civil War to serve in the army. I expected it will be about a small girl who can do big thing, man stuffs to save her world and others :p. It went back and forth between 2 important incidents of the: before Beth was heavily disease infected from a family that she supported, and before Laurie said "143" to Jo, making her reject it ultimately and running away to New York. 
Joe, the second child of the family, was described as a talened writer who was so so keen on writing and kept every of her interesting thoughts (which is "scribble", according to her") under her wardrobe drawer. Not suprisingly that with a good writing skills, she is the one who uses a lot of "bad words" . Joe is also a good sister, who always wants to stay "young and free" with her sisters and being "interesting forever" and really take a good care of her family with the smallest actions: sell her hair to get money for her mother to visit her injured father in Whashington, or look after her younger sister, Beth, for the whole nights when she was sick. However, she had a strong spirit. It was her who really angried when her writing was burning or got a negative feedback on her work. After all, this ignorance of principle and wildness had caught the attention of Laurence, a.k.a Laurie, a grandson of March's neighbor, whose mothers passed away while his father left him to go after a woman in Italy. Laurie and Joe shared lot of things in common, but she always run away from his love, even to New York after turning him down, which devastated him... Through struggles, at the end of the movie, Jo really made it: Publish her own book and own its copywrite, build a badass school for both boys and girls that focused on student's development. What a life!
Amy: Amy is my second favorite actor in this movie. In the beginning, she was portrayed focusing too much on her appearance. Although she really knew her position in the society at that time, she did not let it define and limit her. More important, she really knew her passion and ready to chase after it and dare to admit as "You should not limit yourself". She also realized that she "has always been second to Joe in her life in everything" and been "noticing faults by Jo all the time" and really be ready to go after her love (rejected to the proposal of a rich man). Not surprising that she is a strong spirit, too, after not being allowed to go to the theater with Jo and Meg, she sweared that Jo will be "made to pay" by burning all of Jo's note. Well done, girl! 
Meg: Meg is just an ordinary girl, a typical girl at her time. She wore small shoes that hurts her legs, told her sisters some words not to speak, or reminded Jo to keep her schored dress still so that no one will see it. She is expected to follow the tradition of that time to "marry well" to a rich man. But she did not. She married to a schoolteacher, whom she loved and made her laugh happily. Her love, though, went to some troubles, like every marriage has, as she gave birth to 2 kids and even could not afford to buy silk to tailor her dress and her husband's coat at the same time. But she was the one who firmly states to Jo about love. When Joe challenged her about the durability of her marriage to John and questioned whether Meg got bored of him in 2 years. She announced: 
 "Just because my dreams are different than yours, it doesn’t mean they’re unimportant."
Last but not least, Beth, the smallest child of the family: She seemed to be very shy and reserved, but her kindness to the poor and the love to her family is not <3
For me, "Little woman" is not about a small girl making big impact any more. It is more about the journey of self- discovery, what you expect in your life in spite of the social convention :D It is fine, if you want to remain single, lead a happy life that creates value. And if you want to be single, dont be worried about the common obsession with the notion of woman should be in love and marry well. You will be the one to prove the opposite. You will make a life for yourself. But if other purchases a different dream, please dont judge them :p
So good bye, everyone and wish have a nice weekend!