A long time since I don't write any proper english sentence. I try to write something meaning around here. Today, I tell you about the audience. The audience are who listen to your story, who buy your product, who support your idea,... who following you.
Find your audience
Why you need to find your audience. Because that how we delivery our value to our society, our community. Audience are who make that thing. I could be one, two, three or thoundsand of people, million of people. But in the crown how you can find the group of people who will become your audience.
We will found them buy investigate them. But first, we need to know what product that we provide to our audience, it important to know all of it characteristic. That will help us identify our true audience.
We describe full details of our audience by anwser 5 questions:
1. Who are they?
2. When they buy our product?
3. Where they buy?
4. What kind of product they buy?
5. How they buy?
After we have all the answer then we write down full character of audience. We make the product to fit all that require to help our audience find the product easier.
When we find our audience, eveything will go to their place. Because the audience love the product that buit their live around their living style, how similar and how it bring them closer to their live that they want. That how we suceed.