For centuries, Human Rights have been used as weapons and handed to idiots. When shits go down, scarlet barrel with bullets rolling on the floor, the coppery smell of hot blood mixed with the stink of gun smoke will reveal what they called "Truth", a twisted existence. Every land they marched turn into morgues in the name of justice. People slaughter each other to make a path, then step on bodies toward "Human Rights". The definition of human will be slowly narrowed by every kills, until there is no more human on earth.
The Angel looks at the apocalyptic scenery on Earth, then asks the Devil:
- "What did you do?"
The Devil said: "Actually, I did nothing, but Human Right does."
Human Rights denies: "I was a gift from God, my duty is to guide humanity, but I lost my handbook."
The Devil takes a handbook out of nothing, then says: "Looking for this? Oh don't worry sweetheart, I helped you to deliver that to them."
The Angel keeps yelling: "You're an asshole"
The Devil replies angrily:
- "How am I an asshole? By helping Human Rights to be delivered? Oh come on, I literally did nothing to them. I didn't change anything in that handbook, either harm them. They did it themselves. What good do I have when humanity is gone? deceiving rats, and cockroaches, or tricking a bunch of stupid feather creatures like you?"
The Devil smiles ironically:
- "Or maybe... That is your fault, a lunatic flying in the sky, spitting out great lessons and beliefs all around the world."
The Angel: "Why that is my fault?"
The Devil:
- "Have you ever give a knife or a gun to a child? It is inevitable, the child hurts themself."
- "By giving humans what they have yet need, lessons they not yet comprehend, beliefs without knowledge. You are so ignorant to see what could happen?"
- "Lessons which can not be comprehended become dogmas, beliefs without knowledge become stupidity, which could turn happiness into madness."
- "I am the one who gives tests to humanity, the one who purges when they are in the wrong ways. The one who gives agony and suffering to them. Only if humanity can resist all of my seduction, and take responsibility for what they did, they will be ready to learn."
For the first time in centuries, the Angel becomes silent.
The Devil swings the black wings, then say:
"Now, tell me, who's the devil now ?"