Everyone knows about Budweiser, but not so many people know about the giant behind the brand. 
I always think AbIn Bev is a great company despite they are in a “not so cool” industry: selling beers/FMCG. 
You can watch a YouTube video about CEO on his hiring philosophy here.
Much of his philosophy believes in investing in people. AbIn Bev invests in the talented young, takes them in and teaches them the way of the world in the hope that one day these young would run the legacy. The company is only as great as it people.
Bud Light is one of AbIn Bev brand, and it is one of the top seller beers in the US. The brand is a marketing innovation machine and they do everything in their power to show it. From hosting battle for streamers to surf the wave of Internet gaming, or launching Stay at home genius campaign to be on trend with Corona virus, to hiring a new CMO- Chief Meme Officer.
The job pays $5k a month and all you need to do is creating 40 memes. More than $100/meme, pretty good.

It sounds like a joke. Until you consider the job of marketers.
The job of marketers is creating value for customers. Meaning you help customers realize the company product is the solution for their problems, or if they don’t currently have one, you invent it for them. To do that, you must first speak in your customer’s language. And more importantly, your message have to be short, concise and fun because who would have time to read your message while they can watch Tenet from Christopher Nolan or read scandal news about the Kardashians or whoever is the hottest girl currently. 
Short, concise and fun is the description of a well made meme. It can temporarily steal your customer attention and makes a lasting impression in their mind. 
The only reason why not all companies are hiring a Chief Meme Officer is uncertainty. The top managers at established companies don’t want to look foolish or fail in trying a new approach, they rather stick to the old, established approach so when things didn't go right, they can say: look, it worked last time, it just didn't work this time. The perfect excuse.

When Facebook first came out, no-one took it serious as a powerful marketing tools for business. Almost everyone thought Facebook was a place for college kids to find the person they want to stalk.  

It took a network of early adopters for an innovative idea to hit a critical mass and transfer to the public.

Thank you Bud light, for being a leader in this early adopter network.