Only once in a while, my feelings and thoughts of the loop couldn't wash away. Just this time, this time I could pay a little bit of self-control out of proportion.
2021 is a whole bloody mess of my life. However, I'll eternally greatful for that. First quarter gone by like a fresh start for me except for the beginning. Febuary wasn't so much for a month to me, my crush erm no ex-crush "cheated on" me. I thought i could leave everything outside of my mind and focus on her and her only. But she played me like a puppet and also leave me with a big question mark on my mind. That kitkat for love wasn't enough for the feelings that i put in it for you. It was okay though.
March and April was the best line of the year. Me and my fellow friends had an amazing vacation. We've planned this trip for weeks but when i completed plane ticket and airbnb that was when I realized that "Oh shit we're finnaly did it". Saigon and Vung Tau was the 2 destinations on our trip. That time i knew that everyone has their own probolem so don't compare yours with anyone elase. We need to find ours way to deal with it.
The rest of the year expect for the last month was awful. My dad had had a stroke. That was I don't know but terrible, right? Yes it was for me. That was the 24th of May, when the heat of summer burns out and my dad has a temple, also because of his carelessness that leads to the stroke. That time when i took him to the emergency room, every thoughts that go on my mind was horrible. You could imagine that the one who provides you and your family suddenly couldn't do that anymore, what would you do. For me it was nothing, nothing I can do because my dad's life was hang by a single hair. I just sat there and had a lot on my mind. First move for everything is important and also chanllenging. I started from litterally 0, I don't know what to do or what to think. I cried almost everyday let alone had any free time of myself. However, this too shall pass, and faster if I try harder and harder everyday. But after the rain comes the rainbow, I grown up and took care of everything. I could save up to 2 billion VND for just about 1 year. That's also something right.
I've learned lots of things out there and know that if I have striving mind and never give up, I could do anything.
It's 3rd of 2022 now and Happy new year. Bye.