How do you work as a team? When do you stand by your ideas? When do you stand down to keep your team happy?
People usually end up on one extreme or another in finding their stance. Some people don't like to compromise and pend up everytime there is disagreement in the project. Others always keep their heads down so as to not upsetting anyone. I have always been guilty of the former rather than the later. As a young and hot-headed man, I find it really hard to accept an idea that is second best. When you are reputable for knowing a lot (comparing to your peers, that is), it is likely that you will also argue a lot. I can't tell you anything that is about the submissive group but I can surely tell you something about the dominance one.
A person whose dominance is not well-handled can be labeled many things: show-off, insensitive, arrogant, etc. The list goes on. If you guys still remember, and I hope you do, the most active guy or girl in the classroom usually end up with the most hate.
There is a reason for this. And I have just learned it today when I started my study on "Management". Management, as you know it, is a process which involves people a lot. So... the material does provide some information about the needed skills. But that is not the important part. What I want to tell you lies in the questions I asked my lecturer.
After noticing a pattern in my behavior, I have figured out something quite peculiar: people usually like me as a person, but hates having me in a group. This raised a huge question which will provide me with the solution that I have been seeking given that it is answered properly. 
So I did what I had to do. I go straight to my lecturer after class and I asked her about it. She gave me a general guideline that seemed really helpful: "Whether you choose to stand up for your idea depends on the environment you are working with."
If you are in your field of expertise, it is crucial that you not given up on your ideas. In fact, most of your colleague will learn to embrace the difference since you have both the knowledge and the experience to back that up.
However, if you are in a group where skills difference is not noticeable, it is best that you stand down. Why? In low-skill areas, group harmony is the thing that should be put first. It is quite logical since you are 100% dispensable, everyone else in the room can do what you can... Well, maybe not exactly, but they can come really close. What is more, a good idea in such an environment will only bring a slight improvement in productivity. So it is not efficient to trade group harmony for minor improvements.
I wish I knew this sooner... It would have saved so many trains wrecked relationships. It is better late than never I presumed. Afterall, I still have my team to work with.