Today I catch up all over again with the GMAT work, which has been left for nearly one month. The reason why? First, because there’s merely one month left until my scheduled test. Second, in yesterday’s meeting up with my former colleagues, one of whom is studying MBA in Germany, they told me because of my present privilege is the time I have to strive towards a high GMAT score, which is the most significant requirement for the full scholarship. I feel so embarrassed for not focusing on my exam preparation but wandering around with CS friends, binge reading books and looking for a BA course. 
Speaking of BA, up until yesterday, I'm still bewildered about what course to choose. When I decide to put my fear aside and ask for advice from one BA group on Facebook, it’s worth the try. Several members give me tons of precious information on the Master courses’ comparison between Germany and the Netherland, between university and UAC. Even beyond my expectation, they have shared their story, from an outsider through so much endeavor to become a so-called expert in Data science. In this post, one told me to stop day-dream and start working my ass off on coding; I could do nothing but admit he’s so brutally honest. Even though I feel somehow frustrated in the first place, now I have more courage to apply for a Junior BA job so that I would have on the job training, on top of self-study at home. I would come back to work from April I suppose, after applying for OTS as well as Maastricht. All I have to do now is focusing on my GMAT preparation. I can nail it, I know for sure.
Come back to this challenge; I will have my last English course (in Vietnam) on Friday, Mr. Nam Writing class. I have looked forward to this course for two months, but according to the teacher, It’s not so smart to open a new course in Tet month. Okay fine, I have no power on this situation. Maybe it’s a good idea, cause this is a very hardcore class, unlike every English class I have attended before. I hope with this once a week, one on one mentoring, I will complete my application for OTS before 1st April.
Each day, I will write a 500 words-journal or a 1000 words-book review/academic article. I guess it would take me from 1 to 2 hours in the evening. The only thing I could say to myself is “Break a leg!” :D